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Style Re-Opens 12th May

Feel safe and secure on your next Visit, as I implement strict new hygiene measures

I really have missed you and am so glad to welcome you back to STYLE for all your favourite treatments, as I finally re-open on TUESDAY 12TH MAY

I know that we all feel nervous about venturing out and mixing with other people after our 8 weeks of isolation, and especially having such personal and "up close" treatments as Manicures, pedicures, Facials Etc……

……Please rest assured…..

Our safety and well being, both yours and mine, are of the utmost importance, and to this end I have implemented these strict hygiene measures. Most of this has been set out by the Spanish government and I have gone even further by implementing extra measures of my own. 
These are the measures that the Government demand we implement and you will find them in place when you arrive:

1. Only work one to one and keep separation from other clients

2. Therapist must wear a mask when performing treatments.

3. The workplace must be disinfected twice a day and a record kept.

4. Hand gel must be available to clients within the premises.


Above are the Government stipulations.
Below are the extra precautions I have implemented for our safety and well being:

1. As you enter STYLE you will be asked to take a contactless forehead temperature check (Just like the ones in airports Etc.)  to make sure you are not running a temperature. Myself and Eric will be taking the test each day as well.

2. You will be asked to hand sanitise before entering the treatment room and this is freely available outside.

3. The spacing between each appointment is now longer so that you will not meet any other client whilst arriving or leaving.

4. You will be asked to bring along your own personal face mask and wear it when possible during your treatment. If you do not have a mask or forget to bring it, we have masks that you may purchase.

5. I will be wearing a plastic face shield (As seen in the Orba chemist shop) and also wearing surgical gloves.

4.  The government ask for cleaning and disinfection twice a day. I will be doing this before and after EVERY client. You will see a posted record of when this has been completed. I have allowed extra time for this between appointments.


TUESDAY                   9am till 5pm

THURSDAY                            9am till 5pm

FRIDAY                 9am till 5pm


Call:  96 558 3900 or 681 347 796 (Also on WhatsApp)


I am now taking bookings, so if you wish to make an appointment please do not hesitate to contact me on 681 347 796 (also on WhatsApp) or 96 558 3900. 

I am so looking forward to seeing you soon.


Quotes from new Spanish Government Legislation

"In the case of services that do not allow the maintenance of the distance of interpersonal security, such as hairdressing salons, beauty centres or physiotherapy, appropriate personal protective equipment must be used to ensure the protection of both the worker and the client."

"Establishments and premises that open to the public will carry out, at least twice a day, one of them being mandatory at the end of the same, a cleaning and disinfection of the facilities with special attention to knobs of doors, counters and tables or other elements, furniture, handrails, vending machines, floors, telephones, hangers, and trolleys and baskets, as well as taps and other elements of similar characteristics, using for this vinyl, acrylonitrile gloves or latex gloves or a cotton glove."

"The holder of the economic activity carried out in the establishment or premises must comply, in any case, with the obligations of risk prevention established in current legislation, both generally and in a specific manner to prevent the spread of COVID19.
In this sense, they will ensure that all workers have individual protection equipment appropriate to the level of risk, and that they permanently have at their disposal hydroalcoholic gels with virucidal activity authorized and registered by the Ministry of Health for hand cleaning, or when this is not possible, soap and water. The use of masks will be mandatory when the interpersonal safety distance of approximately two metres cannot be guaranteed between the worker and the client."

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