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State Of Alarm Update

10th April 2020. Some Businesses back to Work. NOT Beauty!

Approved on Thursday the 9th April.

The Tightened Lockdown, in place since Tuesday the 31st of March, will NOT be extended, meaning that as of the 10th of April, those employees working in non-essential activities that had been sent on a special leave as per the 30th or 31st of March, will be allowed to resume their activities again. As the 10th is a national holiday and it’s the weekend after that, effectively those employees will return to work on Monday the 13th, and in regions where that day is a holiday, on Tuesday the 14th.

To be clear, we will go back to the State of Alarm as valid during the first two weeks. E.g. retail businesses that do not sell goods considered essential, will not be allowed to re-open just yet. Those that were allowed to work during the first two weeks of the State of Alarm, will be allowed to do so again as of the 1oth of April.

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Comments (16)
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