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Home Self Care For Shellac Nails

Dealing with your Shellac nails whilst Style is closed.......

For my lovely clients who have Shellac nails, here are a couple of things to do to keep your nails healthy whilst Style is closed'

Firstly, if the shellac is looking ok and just a little overgrown, then file a little shorter.

Secondly, if the shellac is ready to be removed, then I suggest following the link below but be sure to follow METHOD 2

Thirdly, try not to use Acetone, as suggested in the video to to soak pads, polish remover is kinder and gentler. 

If you do not have either and cannot obtain Polish Remover then please call me, and I can supply you with some special remover from Creative Nail Design, which has added oils to prevent drying out the nail plate.

And Finally. If you need any advice, then please do not hesitate to contact me on:

 681 347 796 or 96 558 3900 ......... ANYTIME.

Please stay safe, well and warm.
Looking forward to seeing you soon
Lots of Love

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